hums from the kitchen

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hums from the kitchen

John O'Neil

John O'Neil - Author

John is a longtime family friend of Superview Lodge and the Himalayas

January 1, 2018 Sarangkot.

Sitting in the small house farm sipping buffalo milk tea with chunks of honeycomb I get this idea I want to share with Suman: Put a huge neon red sign on the tower, people would see it for miles and miles. Superview in red, blinking up and down like a Vegas casino.15 meters high, two meters across at the base, half a meter at the top.

The Superview’s garden has lost its sun, thanks to the gruesomely close guesthouse in front of the valley. What a pity.

The new Japanese hotel being built looks like a hospital. Ram Maya’s new hotel below looks sleek and modern and very Israeli.

I visited Ram and ordered a loaf of raisin bread. He said he might not have enough or the right kind of raisins. His bakery is providing all the guesthouses with bread. That is good.

A mustang lemon tea is a balm on a thrashed throat.

A guide brings in two skinny Korean tourists.

How long have I been waiting to tell someone I know Joe Montana’s back up at Notre Dame? Tim, that is a nice ring, 1966 was a good year though if I recall correctly Michigan State had a good year too. Regale us with an anecdote.

Maya quietly hums in the kitchen. I haven’t heard music for 17 months around here. We did wonder if music would ever return.

The spirit world exists. No one doubts it and yet it can’t be proven empirically.

5 January, 2018

Twelve Bangladeshi men move into four of the new rooms. The group has ordered two plates of vegetable and chicken momos and Suman and I calculated that is 1.5 momos for each man in the dining room.

The day before I ate 25 methane free buffalo momos from Dolkar’s kitchen in the refugee camp. I think my holiday is coming to an end.

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