Superview Lodge, Sarangkot, Pokhara

Three 8000m+ peaks.

Perfect vantage to gaze the himalayas, count the city lights, and relax!

Snowy mountains behind the green hills

Annapurna II and Lamjung Himal (left to right) on a clear morning captured from the Superview terrace. Stormy night welcomes a beautiful morning.

Bed top golden with sun beams, mountains seen from large window beside bed

Open the curtains and let yourself wake up with the sun. This will not only teach your the meaning of warmth but also make you question the meaning of far.

City lights during night as seen from a hill above

Stars twinkling above you and the distant city lights glimmering throughout the night... this scene is so drawing that you could watch it for hours and yet be wanting more of it. This fantasy becomes real in our rooms where you can watch this from your bed and sleep with this view until the redness of the pulp dawn wakes you up next morning for another magical scene.

snowy mountains past the prayer flagged pole

Two minutes of trekking up from Superview and you have this! I am sorry I, a poor photographer, couldn't photograph the plethora of inspiration and humility this view brings into one's heart.

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sunrise seen from the windows of a room with neatly bed room with table on a side

If every day is a new day, then the sun is an inifite source of newness. All our rooms let you bathe in this magic.

A double bed and a single bed neatly made on a guestroom

We know you have come a long way to be with us and this magical hill we have had the fortune of inhabiting. To complement your never-ending, arduous, and fun adventure to this Himalayan silhouette, we will have a clean and cosy room ready for you everytime you vist us.

Here are our rooms
A guests posing for a photo while having a hearty breakfast

Up here in the mountain, having organic food from the local farms is an yogic way of living. We serve you what we eat, which is either grown in one of our gardens or sourced from nearby farm of one of our grandparents or the hearty villagers.

Restaurant and Food
Snowy mountains seen from the balcony of traditional brick walled guesthouse

When you ask where we live, we wish we could tell you the names of the mountains we are surrounded by. When you ask what we love, we wish we could count you the flowers in our garden. When you ask about our friends, we wish we could tell you of the catles we herd. But we, besides residing in this heavenly hill, just like you, are our own masters and our own slaves.

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Trekkers ascending towards the Base Camp through the green hills

Towards our venture of providing the best that Nepal has to offer, we have collaborated with Yarsa Himalaya, Nepal's best trekking and the only meta-trekking agency that gives you the perfect taste of the spritual and adventurous landscape of Nepal.

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