I remember

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I remember

John O'Neil

John O'Neil - Author

John is a longtime family friend of Superview Lodge and the Himalayas


Twenty six days to go on this Monday the 26th, Laxman makes a pretty good banana pancake, using all the ingredients except butter. With butter and syrup I'd be back on Red Leaf eating mom’s cakes in the darkness minutes away from the bus pulling up and taking me to St. Bedes.

A cold clear morning, the sun rose a few minutes later thanks to thick haze. It must be a tradition not to forget where one has come from but the fire outside burns, heating the kettle. Suraksha must have risen earlier than the sun, Laxman calls for her below. Yesterday the eye doctor said the polyps or whatever they are, are returning and she’ll have to press cotton swabs in hot water on them for the next three months. Shit, he cut them out and they’re coming back? Isn't there an injection or something instead of cutting out a little kid's eyes so close, yikes...

Well, what are the options. I should take a photo of them and send them to Nancy. Wait I know what it is. Maybe no more 96% cocoa chocolate for a while there kiddo? Noooo, she cries in fear. This morning, though they look fine.

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