upon reflection when there isn't one

on the mount

upon reflection when there isn't one

John O'Neil

John O'Neil - Author

John is a longtime family friend of Superview Lodge and the Himalayas

Since moving into room 2 yesterday to make way for Ram Maya's Pristine Hotel overflow of tourists, I bring the laptop into the dining room for internet use.

Ten years the rooms 1-6 were in their prime.

After two months on the mount tomorrow it's off to KTM by bus. In the city, hire a jeep, talk to travel agents about Lantang, sleep, get up the next morning, that would be Tuesday, and head up.

From the internet I read 308m is the safe distance to climb each day and yet one itinerary I like is over a 1000m a day. I only read this because climbing to 4100m in three days and going down in two was a remarkably revealing experience on the ravages of altitude sickness.

I don't want to go through that again.

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